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The Film Festival 2018

The Film Festival 2018

Hi everyone,

The Film festival of Cannes this year… I don't really know how talk about it. This year has been pretty particular. To start, the selection of the films, but I will not comment on this as I’m not an expert. My only regret, the absence of the Americans.

As we live in Cannes, we also have seen less events, so less good vibes and party moods … but this can be explained by the fact that last year was the 70th birthday of the Festival so everyone one, production houses etc have invested a lot in this event. And this year, 71st birthday, the event has been less covered, normal.

But let's talk about fashion, my favorite topic!

Firstly, the designers and their muses are here to lighten up the red carpet. And they are all here to be seen!

Cate Blanchett opens the festival with a dress made by Giorgio Armani for the ceremony of the Golden Globes 2014… I wondered what exactly the message was that she wanted to get across and I was afraid of the answer… but I was right… This grand lady of the movies wanted us to learn not to consume or waste too much. Was this the right time and place to do so? I was not convinced. To me, a Haute Couture dress is like a piece of art, and we do not throw them away, we keep it or give it to someone else. So where was the problem? As even museums create specific expositions about the dresses of Dior or Saint Laurent for example.

The world of Haute Couture support so many families and keeps skills and knowledges of specific techniques alive and passed on to the younger generations. These crafts are pieces of jewelry to be proud of and make the richness of Europe.

We, at Line Loup, we work on modernizing a forgotten product and to get our customers back often so they can match their indoor shoes with their wardrobe instead of having just one color that goes with everything. Why? Because a slipper is a fabulous accessory.  Because the world of skilled craftsmen is slowly disappearing. In the region where we fabricate our slippers, there used to 600 factories, now there are only 5… We think it is our duty to do everything we can to let this specific business prosper again and to let this knowledge live on.

Second highlight… Kristen Stewart ...

takes of her Louboutins in the middle of the red carpet as they are too uncomfortable! Poor Christian Louboutin, I can imagine the feeling he had, seeing this… but he said it himself: These type of shoes are not made to be comfortable. It brought us to the following: how can we help Kristen Stewart in her battle for comfort, keeping her rebel spirit?


Line Loup to the rescue...

We have offered her a pair of Line Loup, more exactly the model ‘Emmanuelle’, en toweling with a magnificent cristal buckle to combat with her the world of uncomfortable shoes.

We laughed a lot, as it would have been really rebellious to wear our Line Loup slippers on the red carpet, knowing that contracts bound her quit a lot. And she didn’t.. but we tried and we hope to see her one day on a boat, or next to a pool, or anywhere else wearing our beautiful mules.

Up to the Festival of 2019! Lets see what the stars will bring us then..

Talk soon


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    kathy belmont