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Maintenance advice for your slippers

The slippers you are about to receive are fabulous and of high quality.

Some simple gestures with specific maintenance products will keep them looking brand new for a long time.
Here is our maintenance advice:

Line Loup, maintenance advice, slippers, indoor shoes, leather

Slippers in leather

A colorless milk specific for delicate leather will allow you to clean little stains and marks. Just put some on a cotton pad and gently go over the spots that need to be cleaned. (yes, just like a make-up remover :))

Do not insist to much as the color of the leather may alter.

Slippers in patent leather

To maintain and nourish your patent leather, you only have to vaporize some oil made especially for this kind of material. Afterwards, you polish your slipper with a cloth to make it shine and to remove some oil rests.

Be careful! Never put 2 patent shoes with a light and dark color against each other, the color will be absorbed by the light colored shoe and cannot be cleaned.

suede, indoor shoes, slippers, Line Loup, maintenance advice

Slippers in suede

Suede slippers are already treated during the fabrication process but we advise you to vaporise from time to time some waterproofing agent so the little stains and drops of water are not absorbed by the suede.
In order to do so, delicately brush the suede to remove dust, then vaporize the waterproofing agent at a distance of 20 cm.

If stubborn stains remain, use a suede brush and delicately brush the suede so that no tissue is ripped off.
This is only for plain colors.

Be careful! Do not use the suede brush on humid suede! Dry your suede slippers first in open air away from any heat sources.

Maintenance advice, velvet, slippers, Line Loup, indoor shoes

Slippers in velvet or tissue

It is also recommended to vaporize some waterproofing agent (at 20 cm distance from your slipper) in order to avoid any stains on the tissue. After this, just brush your slipper gently with a soft brush.